Monday, January 5, 2009

The Wrong Season To Be Changing Things

Things are about to really change around here. My husband and I are both back in school. And I will no longer be able to proudly say that I am a SAHM as I am soon to return to my part time job as well.

No matter how hard I tried to prepare myself mentally and physically for the endeavors the adults of this household are about to take on, one verse from the Bible kept popping up in my mind.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Only now, at this point in my life do I fully understand what Ecclesiastes meant by that.

I am writing this post as I await for my first grad class to begin at a university brand new to me. As I was driving to class, the above verse convicted me and I began to cry. I cried in anticipation of all the time I am trading being with my children for being in class and doing homework. I cried for all the hugs and kisses and teachable moments I will miss. I cried because I didn't get to see my daughter come home from school today. I cried because what I am doing is not in the best interest of my kids, but my own.

I have to be here if I want to keep my teaching license. But the truth is grad school is no place for a mom of three small children. It is the wrong season to be doing this. Just like winter is the wrong season to go outside and tan or plant flowers. When children are small, it is the wrong season for moms to be away from them. We owe this future generation all of our time and attention in hopes that when they become parents they will sow the seeds of love, care, patience onto their children. I can only hope and pray that my children will utilize the verse above in their lives better than their parents did.


  1. God bless you and Peter in what you are doing.
    Be strong Zhenya - we are right behind you! :)

  2. Oh please, once a week class not going to hurt anyone. :))))))))) I am really laughing Zhen'ka, take it as a joke.

  3. Its twice a week for now, thank you very much:)

  4. I am so Proud of you Zhenya! You will accomplish everything you get your hands on & your children will be thankful for where you will be w/all your degrees and accomplishments.