Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mission Sort of Accomplished

Not too long ago, our team has obtained a new boss. That new person in charge is not your typical boss. He is the least experienced, least educated, and least conversant of all the team members. He never had to climb a cooperate ladder, he is a natural. He is bossy though and makes most of the decisions himself without the consideration of other team members. And he does not negotiate.

He raises his voice a lot too when he thinks something should be done immediately. He especially likes to do this after hours when his subordinates are too tired to bicker with him. And he expects people to do everything for him. He has been like that since day one.

Because his admin skills have affected productivity in more than one negative way, the more experienced members of the team have voted to demote him. It is easily said than done though as the rascal is holding tight to his current rank. This is because he has a lot going for him. His plump, round features, make him purely irresistible. Not only that, but when he grants a smile, the hearts of his fellow team members melt and forget all his wrongdoings. It is no wonder that he is popular amongst young ladies being the flirt that he is. He is also very innocent and helpless which makes him even more likable.

Because of all these reasons and more, we are making the whole deal a bit more civil than anticipated (see 4th paragraph in this post). Though the mission has not been completely accomplished, we are happy to share with you something we have longed to see for so long:

though not without him

or ten.


  1. That is a tough boss. He makes me shake in my boots or maybe he is shaking in his booties. LOL He is so cute.

  2. Zhenya, you should become a mystery writer. The sudden plot twist is giving Hollywood a run for their money!!!

    I wouldn't mind having a boss like yours! ;)

  3. how did you know? whenever sylvie cries I say "oh my boss is calling me..." very clever post zhenya!