Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Brag or Not to Brag

There comes a time in every mother's life when she starts to reap the fruits of her labor. Most usual that moment comes when her child grants her/his sleep and nerve deprived mother a first smile. When he is three days old. That smile is a result of gas to everyone but that mother. Thus, begins the milestone bragging. First time moms are especially guilty of this. There is nothing more annoying than seeing the indifference in a fellow mother's eyes when she is listening to you tell her that your baby already knows what sounds certain animals make. To her this milestone is pretty insignificant because she is on her fifth child who is learning how to read now. Now that my firstborn is reading, I understand why the fact that someone's kid let out a burp is really not that big of a deal.

So I stopped bragging about my kids' accomplishments. Well, I try not to even though I am often tempted to especially when I am listening to someone talk about what their kid (who is the same age as my kid) is able to do. I've always try to refrain from bragging about material stuff as I think it to be shallow though bragging about a sweater you got for a buck at a thrift store does not count.

What do you think? Do parents have a right to brag? How do you quench your thirst to brag about your kids? Or do you?


  1. Nope I'm not an obnoxious bragger. I sometimes offer some interetinf point if need be but only if asked.......I think maybe my sckrewed up mindhas mademe think this way when in actualityI am a major obnxoiuos brager.

    Now I am a bragger on my blog but that is the pupose of the blog for my family so that is my outlet.

    Uo Oh maybe I am in need of a braggers intervention....I am so confused now look what you have done duhhhhh.

  2. I also despise mothers who brag about their child as if they are the greatest thing to hit planet earth, and never have the courtesy to ask you about your own child. You feel stuck listening to them go on & on, yet feel it would be rude or tacky to enlighten them a bit about what a REALLy intelligent or coordinated child does. HA! Have you ever noticed how you can look at a little baby or kid do something and think, "boy, they are behind mentally or physically. They aren't very clever. Poor mom." Then if your own darling child does it, you think How smart! how cute! how sweet!

  3. Tina and wannabee free, I think that blog is an excellent way to brag about kids. People can always stop reading it if they get enough if it. I prefer reading about someone else's kids than listening to the parents go on and on about them. You are right, wannabee free, I totally agree with you!!! Some parents do not have the courtesy to ask you about your child. Always found it very annoying and rude!

  4. I think that a good brag in front of the kid can be a useful tool to
    show the kid that what they are doing is a really big deal. parents
    should understand that, that its really more about the kid. I guess
    when and if i brag its more of a "i can't believe she already is doing
    this..." rather than a "clearly my kid is superior because they do

  5. You are their parent - if you don't brag about them, who will? Parents offer a unique source of absolutely biased, unconditionally loving opinions on their children. Every child needs to hear/know/feel that they are special and truly loved beyond measure. I think "bragging" as you call it, has a place. On a blog - as intensely and proudly and loudly and as often as you want. With close relatives and friends, the same. With aquaintences, you will have to tone it down quite a bit. It's important to be sensitive when talking about your children to other mothers - ask about their own children, take delight in their children's accomplishments also, be sure not to highlight something that their child is not doing and is a source of worry for them. As long as you are dealing with emotionally healthy people, and most normal people, they will understand that every parent brags.

    Most importantly, brag ABOUT your children IN FRONT OF THEM.

    Go for it!

  6. Laurie, I completely agree with you! Well said!!!