Monday, December 22, 2008

About Me in Numbers

This post was inspired by the meanest mom, only my numbers are not as exaggerated and thus not as fun. For those of you that care here it goes:

1: number of husbands I intend to have
2: number of kids my mother had
3: number of kids I have
4: number of kids I want to have (on certain days)
5: number of times I took a deep breath today in an effort to prevent screaming out loud
6: number of years it took me to get my bachelor's degree
7: number of years we've been married
8: number of Christmas gifts I still need to buy
9: number of interrupted hours of sleep I get if I am lucky
10: total years of schooling I will write on applications after I am done with my masters and impress everyone
11: number of states/countries I've traveled to (Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, Hawaii, California, Mexico, Antigua, Germany, France, Russia, Canada)
12: how old I was when I immigrated to the US
13th child is my husband in his family. So far he's been the luckiest one.
14: number of years I've had a crush on my husband
15: number of minutes my baby's naps have been these past few days, whats up with that?
16: number of times I asked my husband if we could PLEASE get a housemaid
17: number of children my mom in-law gave birth to and raised. I am not even kidding.
18: number of books waiting to be read by me
19: number of years I have been playing piano though you would never be able to tell that as I am pretty good at hiding that fact
20 years old I was when I got married to the love of my teenage crush

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  1. Wonderful post, I enjoyed reading your"numbers". Great idea!