Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worst Comedy Ever

I am writing in an effort to save two hours of someone's precious time that amounts to the thing called life. Last Friday, I asked my sister who suggested that we have a movie night to rent the movie "Airplaine!". I bleakly remember seeing it about 16 years ago back in Russia thought I remember really liking it. The critics at rottentomatoes (ratings of which I am starting to seriously disagree with) marked it as "fresh" with 98% approval rate. That's 48/49 critics liking the film a lot. Yes, it had some corny humor they said, but it was funny corny. Not only that, on the back of the DVD someone wrote that this was one of the best comedies ever made. My sister who had a feeling this film was going to be a disaster found it at Blockbuster which further impressed me I shamefully confess.
"If this movie wasn't funny, Blockbuster would not keep it on its shelves for 28 years, I said to her."
So here I am sitting in our bonus room getting ready to be laughing out loud. About 10 minutes into the film, I started to understand that the movie was not even remotely funny. It wasn't just the corniness that an 80s comedy delivers, the humor was outright gross. So we gave it another 20 minutes or so and turned it off in disgust. I felt cheated and my sister could not believe that I would choose such garbage. I have very little time to dedicate to movie watching as I rather be sleeping thus I usually choose with care and am usually happy with my choice. This Christian movie critic website has been my aid in those choices and even though it is only one critic, one opinion, it is an opinion that challenges the films content against Christian values. Check it out!


  1. Oh No that has got to be one of the Cheesiest movies ever made. DId you actually watch it all the way through? If you did Girl, you deserve a medal......ouch.

  2. No, we turned it about halfway. I just don't understand how it is still so popular. Maybe I have a bad sense of humor.