Saturday, December 13, 2008

The weather outside is frightful and I am planning a party

We've decided to celebrate my husband's birthday by inviting oh, about 9 families for dinner. These are pretty close friends of ours, some of whom we haven't had over in a long time. I've been pretty excited about the whole thing until I checked the weather. It is supposed to snow heavily tomorrow. The temperatures are about to hit record low too. I called a good friend of mine and told her how nervous I am that people won't be able to make it to our house and was about to cancle the party. I am planning to cook full course meals for 20+ people and would hate to pig out on it all by myself! You see, we live on a hill that is elevated about 500 feet from the valley floor. And it might be a challenge getting to our house if it is snowing outside. I used to dread snow days when I was working. What are you talking about you say, teachers looooooove snow days! I do too if they cancel school. But if they don't because there is no snow where the school is I get to risk my life driving up and down our little mountain on a car that has no chains (because my husband is too cheap or too lazy to get me those) or a four wheel drive. "You blink and the snow is gone, " he says, "so why bother." It is true that we are not spoiled with the snow here in the Northwest. So when we do have it, its a BIG deal. Schools close, corporations release workers early, the news reporters suddenly have something to to talk about and citizens are glued to the television watching cars get stuck and struck here and there because of snow. Anyhow, we'll see who shows up tomorrow. Now that I think about it, most people we invited live on the same hill as we do and were born in Siberia. Very diverse circle of friends, I know. If no one shows up, I'll put a sign at the foot of the hill that reads:
"Whoever makes it up this hill alive is invited to my husband's birthday party. Bring good spirit and a snow sled."

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