Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So Afraid of.....Snow!

So we are still under the winter weather advisory here in the Portland Metro area. Schools across the area were canceled again today. The school I work for has canceled school for the third day in a row only I don't really care as I am currently on leave and thus cannot be compensated for staying home, drinking apple cider and playing in the snow. The weather and the road conditions turned out to be better than predicted and the school districts could have probably gotten away with having the schools open. The worry was not so much the snow but the ice and the freezing rain that we were supposed to get a lot of today. So what happens if this weather holds up for the next few weeks or so? Will we learn how to drive by the time we are back to our rainy Oregon self? Or maybe we should all take a field trip to the Midwest where they loooove snow I hear and thus dread global warming the most.

Or maybe we should learn how to survive DA WINTER from our friends in Siberia, Russia. Try navigating through this!


  1. Wow, I always imagine winter in syberia and I must say that's pretty much what I imgined. I was born and raised in Canada and all I can say is this photo makes our winter looks mild. AMAZING. I would love to see more pics of Syberia I'm fascinated!

  2. Hey Zhenya! Looks good here! I too wrote about the cold and made a comparison to Russia. Nice for the kids to get the time to play in the snow but our counterparts in Russia must think we are real weaklings. Love your new place and am glad I will be able to keep up with you here :o)