Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good friends, good times

In spite of the weather, the party was a success! We had about 8 families over. I was glad everyone made it to the party and home safe as it was getting very icy out. My sister and her husband ended up dumping their car out on the side of the road and walking uphill for about 30 minutes all while carrying a big glass desert dish. We were surrounded by a good group of friends whom we've known for 15 years or more. These were the friends we've met when we were pre-teens and with whom we hung out pretty regularly all through youth until we all got married. Catching up on the past and the present and deliberating over the future was a lot of fun. Today is my husband's actual b-day. We are hanging out at home and enjoying the snowy weather from the comfort of our house. A (with some help from mom) made the sweetest card for her daddy. I like her thinking. She knows what her parents really need right now.

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice warm intimate party. These are the kinds people will remember fondly. That B-Day card is si cute. Little ones are alot smarter then we give them credit for.