Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Trip to Hawaii

This picture could be on the next billboard for Hawaiian Air. You know, those "Work as Much as You Want" ones.

A few weeks ago, I took a very unplanned, very unbudgeted trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. My husband had a project to complete there so he flew there the next day after he was asked to do so. His brother had text him about this opportunity while he was at choir practice. So he came home and said, " I have good news and I have...good news." I interrupted him right there and said that I do not even want to hear about it as his brother has already notified me that he was looking for Peter to tell him about this project. I had bittersweet feelings about having him gone for the next week or so. On one hand, I knew that this was a good opportunity for him to make some money as (oh my!) he's been out of work for about two days and had no big projects planned for the next week. But I also could not imagine how it is that I will mangage with three small children all by myself without anyone to come home and send me to take a nap. So he left and it was just kids and I for a few days until...he started outright teasing me. He would send me pictures of him having a blast after a busy day of work that apparently ends at noon in Hawaii. He would tell me that he went swimming with the sea turtles and that the temp there stays around 85 degrees. By about the third day of this I had enough and told him that Tima ( my youngest) and I are flying in to join him. Though this was not the best financial decision I have ever made, boy did we have a blast. Leaving the 40 something degree rainy Northwest, sending my oldest two to grandma's, and spending Thansgiving evening with my husband on the beautiful island of Hawaii, felt like I took a peek at heaven. If only I could pemenatnly drown my credit card with its balance down those clear waters, I would have felt no guilt whatsoever for having the time of my life.

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  1. My dream is to make it to Hawaii wimpy husband will not fly over the ocean (and he is from Romania go figure) so it will have to be a trip with my sisters. I envy you.