Friday, December 19, 2008

an intruder

When we woke up today we learned that someone has made an attempt to invade our privacy. The family felt violated and the feeling of suspense was in the air. Thank goodness it snowed again last night so the footprints of the intruder were clearly imprinted for all to study.

"Mom, I think it was a cougar, or a deer or a wolf!" said my daughter with eyes wide open. So we print ten pages of cougar foot prints and compare them to the ones found on our deck.

Just then someone suggested that

and these

look like the foot prints of um---a dog!? Just a plain old domestic animal. Yes, dear readers I know what you are thinking and you don't have to say it out loud. We need to get a pet as soon as possible or one day our kids will grow up and ask the zookeeper if they could pet a cub lion.

The mystery, however, has not been completely solved and one question still ponders in the air of this house. That question is this:

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  1. Yes I think it is time for a household pet. That was HYSTERICAL!